is a studio for your mind.
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is a studio for your mind.
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Capacities is on a mission to remove friction by creating a tool that combines gorgeous aesthetics and ease of use with the best that knowledge management has to offer. Capacities is a place for all your information. It stores your knowledge and can resurface it, right when you need it.



πŸ“ Block-based editing

πŸ’¬ Messenger integrations

🌐 Media of all types

βœ… Task management

πŸš€ Custom content types

πŸ—‚οΈ Contextual backlinks

πŸ’‘ Tagging & block linking

πŸ“• Sharing & PDF export

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Our computers made us think like them

We adapted our thinking and the way we work to computers: Faceless files with cryptic names and a multitude of programs to use them hinder our work every day.

Break the silo, create a network of thoughts

Connecting objects allows you to naturally structure information. This helps you understand complex topics and might even spark new ideas where you don’t expect them.

We are drowning in a flood of information

Social media, notifications, and other constant distractions. Our environment makes us less productive, more stressed, and less happy.

Enter a calm and productive place for your mind

Capacities is a calm place to think, organize, and get work done. A library to store knowledge which you can use to create amazing things. Start focusing on what’s important to you.

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