is your new home on the internet.
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is your new home on the internet.

Fabric is an intelligent multiplayer workspace that works just like your mind. All your bookmarks, notes, and files in one home. Get perfect memory and seamless collaboration across your digital world.



πŸš€ Collaborative internet drive

πŸ€– AI search engine

πŸ—‚οΈ Save content

✍️ Annotate anything

🌐 Save a website

πŸ“ Make a note

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Everything in one place

Images, links, notes, bookmarks, files, highlights, tabs Just drag, paste or click to save anything.

Your personal search engine

No organising needed. With our AI labelling and semantic search technology, you don't need to spend time putting things in folders. Find anything again easily, in your own words. Search across all your files and connected apps with a single search bar.

Find anything again in your own words – it's like magic

Find your research, designs, bookmarks in a snap. Even if you can't remember the exact name.

Collaborate with shared collections

Create shared Fabric spaces to gather, build ideas together, discuss, and review. Organise with powerful tools. Anything you bring into Fabric becomes a collaborative document.

Integrate and build on your stack
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