to connect strategy to daily activities so you hit those ambitious goals.
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to connect strategy to daily activities so you hit those ambitious goals.

No more powerpoints and spreadsheets. Plan, Execute, Measure and Adapt your strategy in one easy-to-use platform. Get your team moving toward your vision in one central platform.



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Ditch the spreadsheets, powerpoints, meetings & reports. Act quickly and adapt faster. Get on the same page and know that your teams did their best work today with the world's #1 strategy platform.


Create plans with a clear direction Give your teams clarity on what they should do, how and why by creating structured plans in Cascade. Collaborate with your teams to build multiple inter-connected plans and tie them back to your organization's strategy.


Connect plans to on-the-ground execution Focus on what matters most. Prioritization is easy when you know what will move the needle. Keep your entire organization on the same page and ensure alignment across the business. No more communication gaps or duplicate work. Tangibly measure individual impact on the overall business while driving accountability and engagement.


Know the status of your strategy in real time Track progress and success of your strategic initiatives automatically in Cascade - your single source of truth for all things strategy. Know how your team's goals and initiatives are performing in real time. Performance management becomes a breeze with Cascade.


Experience fast strategic adaptability Identify risks in your plan before it's too late. Know if, when and how you should course-correct. Adapt to changing priorities without a hassle. Effectively communicate and keep all the stakeholders in the loop seamlessly.