Checklist Design
is a collection of the best design practices.
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Checklist Design

is a collection of the best design practices.

Checklist Design is a curated list of checklists ranging from website pages, to UI components, all the way to branding assets, by George Hatzis.

Checklist Design


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Checklist Design

A powerful design resource platform George Hatzis, all totally free. But you should buy him a coffee.


”When you're building a product, things can get complex quickly. You're in the trenches, thinking about every element, interaction and journey.Keeping all of this information in your head is a problem. You inevitably forget things, and lose mental space that would otherwise be free for creativity and problem solving.That's how I felt a few years ago. I was going from project to project, constantly missing fundamental parts of the experience. Not because I didn't know them, but because I was overloaded with information.So I wrote down the critical pieces of a screen I knew would come up again. Each time I revisited the screen I revisited the list, ticking each item off as I went along.I had myself a checklist.


This checklist made my work more assured, and saved me from going back and picking up whatever fell through in the first phase of work. It was working, and so I made more of them.Now, I'm here to share it with you. Designers, developers, and makers can all benefit from these checklists. It's a great way for juniors to learn and define your process, and a refreshing reminder for seniors.”

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