Command Bar
is AI-powered user assistance.
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Command Bar

is AI-powered user assistance.

In-app help + natural language search + non-annoying nudges β€” in one powerful platform 🎁

Command Bar


πŸ”Ž Universal Content Search

πŸ‘‹ Nudges for in-app journeys

πŸ“Š Powerful analytics & customisation

πŸ€– HelpHub GPT-powered chatbot

βœ… Questlists for driving feature adoption

🎯 Flexible rules & targeting

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Command Bar

Your help center, in your app

Make your help docs, walkthrough videos, and blog posts searchable in-app, always at your users' fingertips.

Custom ChatGPT for your app

Use that content in HelpHub to train a custom AI-powered chatbot.

Search that feels like magic

Let users search for anything. An easy and fast way to find features, data, and help content.

Right place, right time

Give users a gentle nudge down happy paths. Intercept confusion, spotlight features, nudge upgrades.

Go on a quest

Onboard users or teach them something new. Checklists to go from β€œyou are here” to β€œI love this product.”

Develop delight, not code

Build, target, then measure β€” no code required. Create personalized experiences that feel native.