to simplify shift work.
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to simplify shift work.
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Run efficient teams without the hours of admin. Schedule staff in a few clicks, handle unexpected changes, and streamline accurate payroll. One place for managing your people, celebrated for ease of use.



πŸ“… Auto scheduling

⏱️ Time-tracking

πŸ“± Mobile & Time Clock app

πŸš€ Performance management

🀝 Shift planning & swapping

πŸ’¬ Employee engagement

πŸ’Ό Labor compliance tools

πŸ‘ Fair workweek

πŸ”— Integrations

πŸ“ˆ Demand forecasting

⛱️ Leave management

βœ… Task management

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Happy staff, happy managers

Become the business everyone wants to work for β€” where staff scheduling is actually simple. Create and share schedules in seconds. Make it easy to swap shifts. No spreadsheets required.

Take profits to the next level

Keep labor costs low and margins healthy. Easily adjust your staffing to match budget, sales or foot traffic. Always know what you're spending and how many people you need to meet demand.

Simplify labor law compliance

Help your business steer clear of costly compliance mistakes. Use simple tools to capture exact work hours, record breaks and manage local, state and federal laws.