is a CSV importer that says yes instead of error: mismatch.
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is a CSV importer that says yes instead of error: mismatch.

Companies use Flatfile to import files from customers because they know flawless onboarding is mission critical for the customer experience.



πŸš€ Seamless data upload

πŸ—‚ Encoded file recognition


🌎 Auto-mapping data

βœ… Issue resolution

⚑️ Seamless branding

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How frustrated were you the last time you imported a CSV file?

Exasperated? That's how your customers feel when they're trying to get their data to you. If only they could see the value of your product faster; instead, they're stuck importing spreadsheets and fixing formatting errors in Excel.


What if exchanging data from your customers was astonishingly easy?

All of the inconsistent data coming from your customers is fundamentally inputted by humans. From varying file encoding to 50+ different date formats, sharing a templated CSV just isn't cutting it. A data onboarding solution allows you to accept files just as they are from all of your customers and deliver on a world-class customer experience.


A data platform that powers every team

Whether you need an embedded data importer or the full suite of data onboarding solutions, Flatfile expands the capacity of every team in your company.

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