is elegant user management, tailor-made for B2B SaaS.
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is elegant user management, tailor-made for B2B SaaS.
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Frontegg provides the most advanced user management layers designed to meet the unique needs of fast-growing companies. Their comprehensive User Management solution is designed to meet your business evolving needs, throughout different growth stages and go-to-market strategies.



βœ… Audit logs

πŸ” SSO

πŸ‘₯ Users & Roles

πŸš€ Multi-tenancy Management

πŸ‘‹ Team management

πŸ”— APIs & Webhooks

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Frontegg’s rich user management platform ensures application performance, scalability and security – in a whole new league of customer experience. Integrate effortlessly, and save time to focus on your core product.

Speed to Market - Like the Top Tiers

This is not a marketing statement -companies built on Frontegg do scale faster. We save you valuable resources, so you can focus on your core product.

Highest Standards of Security & Privacy

Built with a security-first mindset - giving you the freedom to accelerate your products and never worry about the next compliance or security requirement.

Full Account Management, Self-Served

Users of modern B2B SaaS companies expect to get full control of their experience with your product, and complete any action independently. With Frontegg, you can easily enable the highest level of self-service within your app with zero effort.

Unmatched Visibility and Control

Access key actionable insights with Frontegg’s User Analytics Dashboard. Track your customers activity, generate valuable insights, and make data driven desicions without relying on excessive third-party tools.

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