to chat with your data using AI.
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to chat with your data using AI.

Hansei is a cutting-edge platform aimed at transforming document interaction and optimizing business processes using AI-driven chatbots. Customize the chatbots with your imported data from multiple sources to facilitate tasks like answering questions, generating ideas, offering support and troubleshooting to customers, and aiding employees in comprehending your workflows.



πŸ‘‹ Interact with your data

πŸ’¬ AI-Driven Conversations

πŸ”— Integrate Seamlessly

πŸ€– Bot Customization

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Experience a new era in document interactions with Hansei, transforming how you engage, collaborate, and unlock valuable insights.

AI-Driven Conversations

Say goodbye to tedious document management with our intelligent data assistant. Get instant answers to your questions.

Streamline Your Data Importing

Easily import your documents from a variety of sources. Pull in data from your website, upload files from your computer, and even connect with other platforms and tools seamlessly.

Bot Customization and Integrations

Easily configure your bot’s behavior and adjust its responses to best suit your needs. Add bots across multiple channels, including website, widget, Slack, Discord, and more.