is an open-source payments switch.
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is an open-source payments switch.
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Fast. Reliable. Affordable. Connect with multiple payment processors with a single API to improve payment conversions, reduce costs and ops. Solve biz & tech problems, not manage payment ops.



πŸ”— No-Code Integration with 100+ Processors

πŸ’Έ Manage 200+ payment methods the CRUD way!

🌐 Fully open-sourced, built in RUST

πŸš™ Easy-to-write rules to manage Routing

πŸ€– 100% control & automation on payments flow

πŸ—‚οΈ Developer first dashboard and documentation

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Fintech services, especially payments, should be Open, Fast, Reliable & Affordable - to serve billions of people at scale. So, I was conceived as a Payments Switch, which embraces diversity & innovation to improve user experience & conversions while reducing the cost & operations for merchants.

I am a high-performance payments switch. You can connect to any number/variety of payment processors by connecting to me. You can offer your customers the payment method of their choice. I can smartly route the payment transaction to increase your revenue and reduce costs.

Payment Orchestrator

Unified API with enterprise-grade scale & reliability

Smart Router

Achieve your goals with custom and smart routing algorithms

Unified Checkout

Cross-platform, native, seamless payment experience

Click & Connect

Instantly integrate new payment options with least dev efforts

Control Center

Elaborate reporting, analytics and customisation


All your compliance and security taken care of