is Grammarly for programmers.
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is Grammarly for programmers.
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Kodezi is an AI startup providing tools to maximize productivity when programming. Our initial product consists of an AI-assisted development tool that automatically corrects code, which serves as a Grammarly for programming.



πŸ› Debug code with detailed explanations

πŸš€ Optimize your code for optimum efficiency

🌏 Translate code to another language

πŸ“š Generate your code documentation

πŸ’¬ Generate code from text

πŸ’‘ Generate, Ask, Search, Code Anything in your codebase

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Kodezi is an AI Development platform that provides features to maximize programming productivity, regardless of your experience or skill. Kodezi uses large parameter language models trained on a collection of natural and programming languages from various open-source places.

Kodezi automatically analyzes bugs and fixes them for you and explains details about the bug. Kodezi can optimize, convert, and even generate comments on your code automatically.

Installation - Kodezi Extension can be found in Visual Studio Code. Follow the steps to set up Kodezi Extension on your Visual Studio Code IDE.

Features - Kodezi Extension Offers 7 different features with special characteristics - e.g. debugging/self-correcting, optimization, conversion, etc.

Linters - A Linter analyzes source code to look for problems and highlights any problems which are found. Linters are used for the debugging functionality in Kodezi Extension. Each programming language uses a Linter which has been created to work with that specific programming language.

Integrations- We support VS Code & Our Web version IDE.

Language Support- Kodezi supports various languages.

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