is frontend development accelerated with AI.
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is frontend development accelerated with AI.

Turn designs into frontend code for web & mobile. Build full apps, screens, components & design systems. Ship products 10x faster with your existing design tools, libraries, tech stack & CI/CD workflows.



⚑️ Design to code

πŸ“š Pre-Built Components & Storybook

🎨 Design Optimisation

πŸ–ŒοΈ Figma & Adobe XD plugin

πŸ€– Generate Responsive Code with AI

πŸ₯ Behavior and Responsiveness Widget

πŸ”— Auto-Tagging with AI

βš™οΈ Export to JS, React, Gatsvy, Vue & HTML

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Locofy platform is built with builders in mind. Designers should be able to move quickly and confidently without back and forth with engineers to get the product looking exactly as envisioned. Developers should be able automate writing repetitive and routine code so that they can focus on more complex problems instead. Here’s how Locofy enables the entire team to build and launch their product faster:

Design with ease and confidence

Pixel perfect, Live Prototypes - Locofy lets you bring your designs to life. This means form fields, videos and other components that actually work. Get a fully functional prototype running on code so you can be confident that what you see is what you get.

Make your design responsive and interactive

Get real hover effects, pressed effects, animations, actions and more without having to create multiple versions of the same layer. Ensure your designs and interactions work seamlessly on different screen sizes. Avoid using workarounds in your design tool and keep your canvas clean and tidy.

Accelerate your Development

Start with high quality code - Locofy automatically detects similarly styled elements to combine classes and reduce redundancies, giving you cleaner CSS code. You have fine-grained control over your component structure. Decide which elements in your design should be turned into resuable components, and specify if any data should be populated dynamically using props.