schedule smarter, work faster.
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schedule smarter, work faster.

Imagine - fewer meetings, more focus time, and another hour a day for you and your team. Introducing a collaborative calendar software for highly-effective teams.



📒 Capture and sync meeting notes directly into Notion

⏳ Control your availability with scheduling templates

🎥 Automatically join Zoom + Google Meet sessions

📧 Share your personalized scheduling link

🎛️ Customize your meeting preferences

⌨️ Navigate with key commands

🌐 Accessible on all browsers

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Smarter + Faster: Effortless meetings for everyone

  • Manage the entire meeting process in browser tabs by selecting and sharing your preferred meeting times.
  • Using ⚡️Dynamic Availability™️, let your invitee quickly suggest alternative times by overlaying calendars.
  • The process is fast and simple, and ensures the meeting time is ideal for both parties.

AI Meeting Builder: Advanced AI to revolutionize your meetings.

Magical’s AI Meeting Builder is a powerful suite of three tools built to automate the meeting process:

  • ✅ AI Agenda – Automatically generates agendas tailored to your meeting’s topics and goals
  • 📆 AI Time Suggest – Finds the ideal meeting times based on your preferences and availability
  • 📝 AI Notetaker – Transcribes your meetings and sends a summary all of the key points and action items
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