uses AI to automatically write your interview notes.
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uses AI to automatically write your interview notes.
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Metaview's AI automatically takes your recruiting notes for you so you can focus on the conversation at hand. Whether it's intake meetings, interviews, or candidate debriefs, Metaview provides perfectly-structured notes that capture everything that was discussed.



🚀 Designed for recruiting

💬 AI-generated interview notes

🔮 AI Candidate summaries

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🌐 Works with all your tools

💥 Automate scorecards

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You focus on hiring. Let Metaview take the notes.

Metaview’s AI automates the toil of note-taking and sharing feedback with hiring teams, so you can focus on what you’re amazing at.

Works with all the tools you already use.

Metaview automatically captures interviews through your calendar, ATS, GoodTime, Calendly, or any other tools you use. It also works with all video conferencing platforms and even mobile calls. So, there’s no need to change your existing workflows.

Designed for recruiting.

Unlike generic summarization tools, Metaview is purpose-built for recruiting. Our approach accounts for the nuances of recruiting conversations and enriches itself with data from other sources, such as the ATS, to synthesize the most relevant notes.

Stop frantically typing and start focusing on the conversation.

Metaview takes care of note-taking in the moment, so whether it’s an interview, or a meeting with hiring teams, you can give your full attention to the conversation at hand. Our AI will perfectly capture and structure the details for you.

Customize notes to fit your exact needs.

Stop spending hours at the end of the day writing up notes from all of your recruiting conversations. Our AI customizes notes to fit your exact needs so there’s no clean-up time required before sharing with hiring teams.

Automate scorecards.

Our AI pre-populates interview scorecards on select ATSes with objective information from interviews. Drag and drop relevant sections from your AI-generated notes to help fill in the details and submit to your ATS with the click of a button.