My Mind
to remember everything, organize nothing.
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My Mind

to remember everything, organize nothing.

Works like your real mind. One stream of consciousness. To find something, just search for it — a color, an object or a word that helps you remember what you're looking for. It’s like magic.

My Mind


📝 Capture your notes

📚 Intelligent bookmarks

🤖 AI Image Tagging

📎 Text Clippings

📸 Image Text Recognition

🔎 Advanced Search

🌙 Night Mode

🔐 100% private

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My Mind

No social features. No collaboration. No vanity metrics. No social pressure. No tracking. No ads.

In a time when every company has a bid on our data, when we exchange our privacy for information, when every move we make is influenced by how others will perceive it, we have little space to call our own. Our minds have been taken captive: By social approval systems, by newsfeeds and timelines, by advertisements and corporate agendas. Our information is scattered across platforms, bound by terms and conditions.

Just save it. Artificial Intelligence takes care of the rest.

Your new mind analyzes images, articles and websites, tagging it for you automatically so you can easily find it later.

Visual bookmarking the way it should be.

You can save images, links, notes, videos, quotes, PDFs, articles - anything you want to remember. From the web, your computer or your phone. And remember, it's all private. Nobody will see what's on your mind.