to turn your biggest fans into your best marketers.
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to turn your biggest fans into your best marketers.

Rewardful is a simple way for SaaS companies to setup affiliate and referral programs with Stripe & Paddle. Just connect your account and let us track referrals, discounts and commissions for you.



🚀 Affiliate, Referral & Partner programs

🔗 Flexible, SEO friendly links

💰 Flexible commissions

🏆 Dynamic rewards & campaigns

💸 Subscriptions or one-time charges

🎨 Branding & white label

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Discover your most untapped growth channel

Everyone knows it's hard (and expensive) to grow a SaaS business, especially in the early days. Getting traction is critical and marketing is becoming increasingly difficult as people become desensitized to content marketing and advertising. Referral marketing is based on trust and relationships, and cuts through the noise.

Affiliate, customer, partner and influencer programs under one umbrella

Run any (or all) program types from one centralized place – from on-brand, whitelabel affiliate programs to in-app customer referral programs.

Built from the ground up for subscriptions & Stripe

Reward your affiliates for the quality of customers they refer. Automatically adjust commissions for all SaaS and subscription scenarios.

Simple setup. Easy to use.

Whether it's a custom built app or a 3rd party platform, get setup in minutes with our easy to follow instructions. We put in the extra effort, so you don't have to.