is an AI-driven speaking assistant
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is an AI-driven speaking assistant
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Your Personal Speaking CoPilot. Spellar is an AI-driven speaking assistant, offering personalized feedback to enhance your speaking skills and boost your confidence.



💥 Real-Time Recommendations

💬 English-Speaking Feedback

🗂️ Meeting Summaries

🌐 Seamless Integration

🔐 Privacy-Centric Approach

🎙️ Refine Your Speaking Style

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Real-Time Recommendations

Become a better communicator with on-the-spot, valuable suggestions to boost your speaking proficiency, no matter where you are.

English-Speaking Feedback

Enhance your English speaking skills with precise feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and clarity, tailored to your individual needs.

Meeting Summaries

Never miss crucial details again. Our automatic meeting summaries are customized to your specific engagements.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate Spellar AI into your daily routine, whether for important meetings with investors or personal speaking practice.

Privacy-Centric Approach

Rest easy knowing that your information is highly protected and entirely under your control.

Refine Your Speaking Style

Receive personalized recommendations to sound more professional or friendly and make a lasting impression.

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