Stacker HQ
for software that fits you perfectly.
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Stacker HQ

for software that fits you perfectly.

Revolutionize the way you and your team work with flexible software created by you. Stacker is building a future in which every organization can be built and run on software it creates for itself. Without writing a line of code.

Stacker HQ


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Stacker HQ

Stacker believes that building software should be insanely easy. That everyone should have the freedom to create the tools they need, without any developers, designers or drama.


‍Modern tools for a modern business

‍All the flexibility of a spreadsheet, all the power of software. Bring together data from multiple sources, automate common tasks with custom buttons with role-based access control.


‍Build it yourself, whatever you can imagine

‍Easily create powerful software interfaces for your business's data in minutes, without needing developers.


‍Software that you control, not the other way round

‍Off-the-shelf software doesn't fit your business. It doesn't fit anyone. Gain unprecedented access control over who can view and edit your data, with customizability that scales with your business.


‍Share your data with whoever needs it

‍Collaborate with colleagues, connect multiple data sources, and share your apps with teammates, customers, and partners.