is your go-to user testing tool.
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is your go-to user testing tool.

Userbrain is a simple user testing tool where you get 5-20 min videos of users interacting with your product. This way, you can see what’s working and what UX issues still need tackling. You can get these UX insights and analyze them by signing up to one of our subscription plans or choosing our pay as you go option.



✅ Set up user tests with tasks

🚀 Access to 100k+ testers

👋 Invite your own testers

📹 User session recordings

📝 Multiple task types

📊 Test analytics & insights

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Set up tasks

Test anything with a link, make use of templates, and get set up in minutes. Test an array of live websites, those under development, early prototypes, or even competitor's sites. Userbrain’s testers use either their smartphones, desktops, or tablet devices.

Select testers

Tap into their pool of 100k+ quality assured testers. Target their demographics and screen for prior experiences, habits or preferences. Simply set up your test and go. It’s Userbrain’s job to find a bunch of testers that match your criteria. All you have to do now is sit back and watch the results fly in.

Watch video

Get videos of real people interacting with your product in just a few hours. UX insights will ensure you know when things aren’t working; like a button in your shopping cart — which you can fix before implementing it.

Watch users interact with your product and hear their thoughts

Watch real people with different personalities, locations, and device types interact with your product in their normal surroundings.

Want to invite your own testers? No probs!

With Userbrain, you can test with your own customers, friends, participants, or whoever else you’d like to invite to the party by simply dropping them a link via text or email.