to code at the speed of thought.
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to code at the speed of thought.
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Zed is a high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter. Productive coding starts with a tool that stays out of your way. Zed combines the power of an IDE with the responsiveness of a lightweight editor for productivity you can feel under your fingertips.



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Engineered for Performance

Zed efficiently leverages every CPU core and your GPU to start instantly, load files in a blink, and respond to your keystrokes on the next display refresh. Unrelenting performance keeps you in flow and makes other tools feel slow.

Language Aware

Zed maintains a full syntax tree for every buffer as you type, enabling precise code highlighting, auto-indent, a searchable outline view, and structural selection. Zed also speaks the Language Server Protocol to provide autocompletion, code navigation, diagnostics, and refactorings.

Introducing multi-buffers

Multi-buffers combine excerpts from multiple files into a single virtual buffer. Whether you're burning down compile errors, finding references to a method, or working with project-wide search results, you can edit across files with multiple cursors – all without switching tabs.

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