is a radically different networking app.
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is a radically different networking app.

Anyone is bringing the 5-minute phone call back. It's how previous generations got shit done, had time for 5 meetings before breakfast, rarely misunderstood each other, connected with the world, and called strangers for help—with energy to spare for the evening.



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On Anyone you have 5-minute phone calls with interesting people like yourself. It creates lasting connections because of something called vocalics — your voice’s body language. How we say something, not what we say. Each call has a topic which turns small talk into meaningful conversations.

Get momentum — find flow

The energy we use to work, we get from other people. We turn their ideas, perspectives and feedback into output. The more input, the better the result. But as we gather less in offices, we’ve lost those daily moments, and work feels harder. On Anyone, you can find energy again.

Do it differently

Anyone is a resource for change. We’re all a bundle of biases, behaviours, and inhibitions miraculously getting by in the world. Through learning from others, we unlock potential. We sharpen our ideas because we can be more open with someone we might never talk to again.

Create new crews

You never know when a seemingly random moment can feel like destiny in hindsight. When a person you thought you had almost nothing in common with, becomes your business partner, your first hire or your friend. Your next call on Anyone, could create your new calling.

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