to find work on your terms.
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to find work on your terms.
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Connect with the right people at your dream companies. You can share your profile, determine your hours, set your rate, and keep all your earnings.



πŸ”₯ Find the hottest companies

πŸ’Έ Get paid on your terms

πŸ€– Rise above the crowd with AI

πŸ’Œ Blast off with Referrals

πŸͺ All your work in one place

🌐 Link your free shareable profile

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Connect Directly

Discover the power of our expansive database. Take control of your connections by handpicking who you want to engage with - we've got their contact details.

Rise above the crowd

Save time with Pangea AI to generate a personalized email to pitch yourself from your personal inbox.

Blast off with Referrals

Refer new users to Pangea and get 2% of every dollar they spend or earn, up to $100k.

All your work in one place

Create a digital profile that encompasses your professional career. Showcase your story, projects, work history, and education.

Link your free shareable profile

Copy to clipboard and share everywhere and anywhere. Potential clients will be able to contact you for opportunities through your profile.

Work on your terms, commission-free

Set your rates and earn what you’re worth - without any platform fees.

Integrate and build on your stack
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