to build the tools you can’t buy off the shelf.
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to build the tools you can’t buy off the shelf.

Thousands of engineers are using Appsmith to build custom software on top of their data. Technical users can quickly build, deploy, and share applications with end-users to run critical business operations.



πŸͺ Extend existing apps

πŸš€ Scales with your needs

πŸ‘‹ Secure sign-ups & logins

🌐 Securely self-hosted

πŸ” Solid 256-bit encryption

πŸͺ© Open-source

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Give your teams the tools they need to move faster

Appsmith simplifies internal tool development for businesses. This helps to streamline operations, automate processes, and quickly integrate multiple apps and data while enhancing legacy apps with new features.

Bring in data from any data source

Connect to any database, SaaS tool, or GraphQL/REST API within a few clicks. Query your data directly using SQL or our query builder.

Drag and drop widgets to build UI

Use 45+ customizable widgets to create beautiful responsive UI in minutes without writing a single line of HTML/CSS.

Customize and control with code

Write in-line JavaScript or reusable code blocks to extend your app's functionality, customize your UI, or write conditional logic.