is powerful apps that connect your data, workflows and teams.
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is powerful apps that connect your data, workflows and teams.

Discover the single platform where teams can use shared data to build their own apps, connecting work and teams across the organization.



βš™οΈ Design interactive applications with a drag-and-drop experience

πŸ“Š Actionable data views

⚑️ Workflow automation

🌐 Sync information across teams and tools

πŸ“ Flexible reporting

πŸ‘‰ No code necessary

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Airtable Bases

‍A base is a collection of related tables, often reflecting a single project, process, or workflow that you collaborate on with your team. For example, you could make a base to organize your sales process, with tables for sales leads, companies, and deal opportunities. Each table contains records (similar to rows in a spreadsheet), which represent the individual objects, ideas, or people that you’re tracking. You’re free to create as many bases as you’d like on any of our plans.


‍Unite your data and workflows

‍Sync real-time data from anywhere, automatically. Teams can weave it into their workflows, confident it’s always up to date. Pre-built views let you choose how information is shown β€” so it’s more easily understood β€” without disturbing the underlying data. Reduce manual work with automations. They help work move seamlessly across multiple teams, workflows, or tools.Turn your data into beautiful, actionable interfaces that you can customize to fit different workflows and audiences.Enterprise-level administrative controls, granular permissions, and scalable architecture keep everything running without losing visibility or agility.


‍Keep using your favorite tools

‍Whatever your role, you can easily bring information from your most-used tools into your Airtable workflows.


‍Get started building apps quickly

‍Building an app in Airtable is as easy as using a template, or importing data from another tool. For even more power, try building something custom.