is where remote teams make decisions and share knowledge.
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is where remote teams make decisions and share knowledge.
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Slite is building a collaborative workspace where remote teams get their best work done. Document. Discuss. Decide. Do. All in one place. As a product and as a company, Slite's aim is to speed-up the world's transition to a more balanced way of thinking about life and work.



📝 Fast, flexible and beautiful editor

🗂 Docs in Collections

💬 Discussions for decisions

👋 Share your work

⚡️ Lightning search

🤫 Quiet workspace

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Remote teams typically use separate tools to manage their team's work and communication. This setup is a recipe for frustration, especially for teams working asynchronously. Team member lack context because key decisions and conversations are disconnected from the work itself, and, worse yet, important information can easily slip through the cracks in endless threads and scattered comments.

Slite offers a way to bridge the gap, enabling focused, asynchronous discussions inside a world-class, easily scalable workspace. Slite is a unique solution in the world of collaboration tools, and facilitates more transparency, clarity and focus for remote teams everywhere by creating a single space for collaboration and thoughtful communication.

The editor

Helps you say it all—an idea, a policy, a Discussion. It’s a delight to use, it’s fast and flexible, and it’s never in your way.

Organize your projects and lists of Docs in Collections

Avoid sidebar clutter and organize long lists of Docs. ‍ Filter, sort, save views and reference them anywhere in your workspace.

Reach clear decisions, right where work happens

Get up to speed with all your teams' decisions via the main Discussions view or in context in a Doc.

A search that just works Looking for Docs shouldn’t slow you down

Slite have built their search to be fast and reliable, so you’re always one keyword away from what you need.

In tune wherever you’re at

Keep quick access to your team’s work in your dock with the desktop app. Not at your desk? Capture your ideas on mobile, so nothing slips through the cracks.