is the essential work organizer for the browser.
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is the essential work organizer for the browser.

Your work is scattered across dozens of tabs & cloud apps. Workona puts it all in one place, so projects are finally organized. Workspaces bring your work into one place. Organize your tabs, docs, & links into a dedicated space for each project.



βœ… Task Management

πŸ•Ί Workspaces

πŸ€– Automation

πŸ—‚ Browser organisation

πŸ‘‹ Collaboration

βš™οΈ Numerous integrations

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All in one place

‍A workspace organizes everything for a project: tabs, docs, notes, tasks, and resources from all your cloud apps.


‍Built for fast-moving projects

‍Workspaces are flexible enough to keep up with the pace of modern work. Perfect for teams that use Google Drive.


‍Gets work across the finish line

‍Workona brings together all the apps you already use. With a single source of truth for each project, your team can finally focus.


‍Organize tabs by project

‍With tabs organized by context, it’s so much easier to switch between projects or workflows.


‍Save tabs for later

‍Never worry about losing work. Tabs are constantly autosaved & can be restored in case of emergency.


‍Supercharge your browser

‍From anywhere in the browser, search for tabs or other work with laser precision. Plus, sync tabs to your devices seamlessly.

Integrate and build on your stack