to bring your customer into every decision.
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to bring your customer into every decision.

The flexible research platform for teams that gets you from data to insights fast, no matter the method.



πŸš€ Usability testing

πŸ—‚οΈ File sharing

πŸŒ€ Pattern recognition

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πŸ”– Tagging

πŸ“Š Graphical reporting

🌎 Affinity maps

🏠 Searchable hub

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Recordings to insights in minutes, not hours

Transcribe a recording, discover patterns through powerful analysis features, and share insights, all in one intuitive tool. Spend less time analyzing, and more time talking to customers.


Upload and transcribe in a matter of minutes

Import your video or audio recording and we’ll transcribe it with our fast and accurate transcription engine. Seek and edit, name speakers, split monologues, and more.


Create highlight reels of key customer moments

Select and tag text within transcripts to build a highlight reel across all your interviews and usability tests. See cut and trimmed moments for each tag within seconds - no editing skills or software required.


Uncover insights from any data

Projects aren’t just for video. No matter what kind of research you’re doing, Projects speed up your analysis and helps you uncover insights backed by evidence.


Affinity map like a pro

Find themes in unstructured dataβ€”cluster highlights, notes, and insights. Powerful filters let you narrow in on the content that matters.


Build better reports

Bring the voice of your customer to life with research reports that stakeholders will keep coming back to. Integrate with Slack to push new insights and comments to stakeholders in real time.


Show the impact of research

Use analytics to improve how research gets used across your organization. Track and share how stakeholders find and engage with your research reports.


Make your insights findable

Organize all your research in one searchable hub, so existing research gets reused. Find nuggets of gold buried within reports, spreadsheets, and presentations.