is a sales automation platform combining lead generation, email verification, and email sending tools to streamline outreach
From $

is a sales automation platform combining lead generation, email verification, and email sending tools to streamline outreach
From $
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More leads. More sales. More revenue. Scale your business and engage leads better with the sales toolbox and CRM platform that deliver growth.


πŸ”¦ Find leads and prospects anywhere online

βœ… Verify questionable emails to always reach the inbox

⭐️ Sync with over 3,000 of your favorite tools and apps

πŸ’§ Convert more with personalized drip email sequences

πŸš€ Organize and prioritize your leads to close more deals

βš™οΈ REST API to integrate directly into your platform

πŸ¦„ Discover the technology stack behind your prospective clients

βœ‰οΈ Track email engagement right in your Gmail

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Build a lead base for any purpose: Get access to previously unreachable leads with over a dozen lead gen tools and handy integrations:

  • Collect email leads from anywhere online, from company websites to Google search results to LinkedIn.
  • Harvest marketing audiences on your website and reach your targeted audience better with Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Upsell or retarget existing customers, create lookalike audiences, and sell more. - Boost your link building efforts by reaching out to relevant content publishers directly.
  • Find and reach out to investors that will help get your project off the ground.
  • Increase your online presence by building partnerships with the right media outlets and finding influencers and editors that can help you get more exposure.


‍Nurture your leads to a conversion: Engage leads, book more meetings and convert easier at every stage of the funnel.

  • Use email sequences with unlimited follow-ups to nurture cold leads and convert prospects.
  • Make booking easier for the lead: schedule more calls, meetings, and demos with interested leads using our native Calendly integration.
  • No scheduling back-and-forth, no double-bookings, no missed calls - talk to more leads and close more deals.
  • Turn your LinkedIn leads into customers faster with a fully automated, personalized, multi-channel approach.


‍Onboard, retain, upsell: Build long-lasting relationships with your customers and manage lead lists within one intuitive dashboard.

  • Prevent high bounce rates and never spend a minute of your time on irrelevant leads by keeping your lists clean and up-to-date with Email Verifier.
  • Keep track of newly registered users and be there to onboard them with fully automated and personalized drip campaigns.
  • Re-engage inactive users: send personalized offers, set automated follow-ups and track recipient engagement for easier customer base management.