to build better products with customer feedback.
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to build better products with customer feedback.

Capture, organize, and analyze product feedback in one place to inform your product decisions.



⚾️ Capture product feedback

βœ… Inform product decisions

πŸš™ Prioritize and roadmap

πŸŽ‰ Announce product updates

πŸ—³ Vote on Behalf

πŸ“Š Analyse feedback

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Everything you need to navigate the customer feedback loop.


‍Collect feedback from customers and teammates

‍Stop letting ideas slip through the cracks. Collect, analyze, and organize feedback and feature requests in a dedicated customer feedback tool.


‍Make better product decisions

‍See which features are most requested, filter feedback by segment and impact, and clarify use cases up front. Don’t waste time building the wrong things.


‍Prioritize feature requests and build a product roadmap

‍Score feedback and feature requests based on priority, add them to your roadmap, and integrate with project management tools like Jira.


‍Keep everyone engaged with product updates

‍Automatically follow up with people when you release a feature. Keep the feedback loop going strong.


‍Works well with your existing workflow

‍Canny integrates with tools you already use to talk to customers, manage projects, and more.