is a home for your peopleβ€”private, intuitive, and beautiful.
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is a home for your peopleβ€”private, intuitive, and beautiful.

AI powered tools for cultivating amazing personal and professional relationships. Clay automatically builds a collection of everyone you know β€” securely connect your email, calendar, Twitter, Linkedin, and iMessage.



☎️ Add contacts from anywhere

πŸ‘‹ Smart push notifications

πŸ”Ž Intuitive search syntax

πŸ’‘ Smart contact enrichment

πŸͺ Reconnect prompts

⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts

πŸ‘₯ Rich profiles

πŸš€ Built for speed

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Say goodbye to entering information manually, mindless tagging, and out-of-date details. Clay populates photos, bios, education and work history, location, and social profiles automatically, and keeps them updated over time.

Cultivate serendipity

Every feature in Clay is intentionally crafted to introduce serendipity and chance into your network, to recreate that feeling of running into someone on the street or seeing an old friend.

See the big picture

Never miss a beat with Explore β€” a powerful, high-level view of all the updates from your entire network. Be the first to congratulate someone when they change jobs, or when they're mentioned in thousands of top print and digital publications.

Search like you think

You remember people in different ways β€” where you last met to catch up, when you last saw them, what you talked about. Just type what comes to mind and Clay will find the right person or group of people based on your notes and their profile, all in milliseconds. It's the easiest, most powerful person search available anywhere.