is a personal CRM that reminds you to keep in touch.
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is a personal CRM that reminds you to keep in touch.

Relationships become stronger with Dex. Stay on top with keep-in-touch reminders, notes, and a unified timeline.



☎️ Personal contact management

πŸ”— Integrate seamlessly with all your tools

πŸ’‘ Shortcuts (⌘K) for quick action

πŸ›Ž Smart notifications

πŸ“ Interaction notes & tags

🌐 Browser extension for notes, reminders and more

πŸš€ Import from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, and more

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Dex is short for "rolodex" (remember those?) and is exactly that: a digital rolodex for the 21st century. Dex gives you a single source of truth to organize your connections across phone/email contacts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and 15+ other sources.

Dex goes beyond a rolodex and reminds you to keep-in-touch, notifies you of upcoming birthdays, and shows you where you left off. Most importantly, Dex puts you in control of all of your data. Manually keeping track of who you’ve met takes time you don’t have.


‍Get Organized

‍See all your contacts in one place. Import your contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, iCloud, Gmail, and more.


‍Smart Notifications

‍Set keep-in-touch reminders. Dex will give you a nudge when it’s time to reach out.


‍Take Notes

‍Remember your interactions with the timeline. Never forget the important details.Dealing with heavy, complicated systems is overkill for keeping in touch. Your relationships don’t belong in a sales CRM. Spend less time navigating menus and seamlessly pick up where you left off.