is where technical teams document.
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is where technical teams document.
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GitBook makes it easy to plan, centralize and share knowledge, from start to ship. Inspired by how developers organize their work, GitBook is the future of documentation for high-performing teams.



📝 Markdown or WYSIWYG

🗂️ Ready-to-use templates

⚡️ Multiple page imports

🎁 Nest and group pages

👋 Visitor authentication

✅ Approvals process

🔗 GitHub/GitLab integrations

🔮 Git-like version control

🚨 Conflict alerts

🎨 Custom colors and logos

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Public docs

API references, code guidelines, product overviews and everything in between. GitBook helps you help your users with easy-to-publish, intuitive to use, highly searchable docs.

Technical knowledge

Centralize decision-making in one place, from company wikis to engineering docs. Empower everyone to contribute constructively, regardless of team or technical ability.

Never start from scratch

It’s easy to get up and running in GitBook—just sync with an existing Git branch or import from Confluence, Notion, GitHub, Dropbox Paper, and Google Docs. A powerful, real-time block editor lets you rearrange everything as you go with support for code blocks, images, tables and more.

Create a source of truth

Turn ideas into proposals, then allow collaborators to contribute through change requests (or direct editing). With Git Sync, you can maintain planning and product docs that are as updated as your codebase. Commit (and edit) without fear—your original content is protected and there’s a record of every change. It’s the Git you know, minus the complexity.